Chairman - Responsible for providing leadership to Secretariat and the community and for overseeing all aspects of the Secretariat, the weekends and the community.

Communications  - Responsible for providing photographer, directories and information packets for weekends.

LaVida - Responsible for compiling, publishing and mailing LaVida newsletter to inform the community of A.C.C. activities and news.

Men’s and Women’s Leaders - Responsible for providing guidance and direction to Rectors and mentoring them as teams are formed. Provide all materials needed by Rectors for team selection and weekend planning.

Palanca - Responsible for corresponding with other movements, worldwide, to receive and send Palanca letters for weekends. Receive Palanca at send-off.  Get the community to complete Prayer Wheel and send Oven Palanca for weekend.

Post-Cursillo - Responsible for scheduling Ultreyas and all community related activities. Select and mentor Host Couples for Ultreyas.

Pre-Cursillo - Responsible for coordinating all activities involving applications and in charge of send-offs.

Purchasing Coordinator - Responsible for purchasing food related products for weekends.

Secretary/Treasurer - Responsible for recording/reporting minutes of all Secretariat meetings and for receiving/depositing/paying all moneys relating to the Atlanta Christian Cursillo movement.

Spiritual Director - Responsible for giving Spiritual direction to the Secretariat in all matters and for selecting all Spiritual Directors for weekends and send-off.

Weekend Coordinator - Responsible for Rollo room supplies, bus for send-offs, and guards for women’s weekends.